An Unspeakable Modification for Half-Life

24 April 2004

A couple of people have asked how the readable books are done in Cthulhu. As such, I have added a new section to this webpage (Mapping), which gives code and instructions on how to do some of the things I did in Cthulhu. Currently only the book entity is described. My only condition is that if you use my code, please credit me in your mod!

23 April 2004

I have have looked into the various bug reports and most of them seem to be related to graphics cards incompatibilities. I have listed the ones reported below:
  1. Book pages are black when read
  2. Models (e.g. monsters, characters, etc.) are all black
  3. Screen goes black when entering Church of Dagon (through underwater tunnel) - this one is caused by the env_fog entity somehow...
  4. Game crashes when exiting cave in City of Yith - this one is a strange interaction between the sky and the env_rain entity...

All of these may be worked around by changing Video Mode (usually Software mode is safe). In case 3 above, it is only required until the map change has occured. In case 4, it is only required until you can no longer see the rain!

6 April 2004

The Mod Resource website has reviewed Cthulhu and given it 4 stars out of 5!!! I am so happy! Read the review here.

16 March 2004

The Spanish HL wqebsite has reviewed Cthulhu. It doesn't give a rating, but the review is 6 pages long. And it is in Spanish! Read the review here.

7 March 2004

I have received a bunch of bug reports. I have fixed most of them. They are listed below:
  • Load game fails in a couple of map - FIXED
  • Screen goes black when entering Church of Dagon - working on it (but changing video mode seems to fix this)
  • Butler & Sir Henry have some default scientist sentences - partially fixed (creating new sentences for all eventualities is not practical)

29 February 2004

I have finished Cthulhu!
It has taken me about 2 years to complete this mod (much longer than I was expecting it to take), but it is now done. The download weighs in at just over 43 Mb. I hope you enjoy it.

A couple of things to note about the mod:
  1. The installer includes a walkthrough.
  2. There is a problem with Direct3D and the rain entity in one of the maps. I am working on it, but if you switch to Software or OpenGL mode and it goes away.
  3. The zoom on the rifle sometimes does not work. Again, I am trying to figure out why...
  4. In the final map, you must use the Seal on the pedestal itself, rather than just above it (this will make sense when you get there!).
  5. Any other problems, email me ...

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